Murray Polglase

Remembering Murray

Murray Polglase
Memorial at ISPP (23 January 2021)
Murray Polglase

This is a place to remember and celebrate the life and achievements of our principal, friend and colleague, Mr Murray Polglase. Please share your stories, memories and thoughts, so we can all see what a positive impact he had on all those around him.

If you would like to share photographs to add to our gallery, then please submit them using the Get in touch link and we will add them to the gallery. If you would like to read the speech made at Murray’s funeral ceremony, it is linked here

In the future, we will make these messages and stories into a book for Murray’s family, and we know they will cherish the stories, experiences and connections of others with their husband and father.

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Jon wrote on February 23, 2021 at 10:01 pm
It's often the way for me that I seem to replay conversations in my mind, months (even years) after they happen. Just the other day I was walking out of your office and suddenly recalled a scene where you were giving me a hard time, something along the lines of you having more hair than me, even after the chemo. I just thought of a good comeback to that too…

Our few years working together seemed like many more.  Our time was intense. We had no choice but to like each other, bound by the nature of our jobs and the need to get stuff done. But it was much more than that. I found myself drawn to your office for no particular reason but other than I just wanted to chat with you. I would often just make up a question or conversation when I got to your door, and spend the next bit of time just hanging out, before we both realized we should probably get on and get some work done. You were that kind of guy I guess, someone people just wanted to hang out with.

I valued the times when we managed to grab a bite or a drink outside of school. You'd always drop something about yourself into the conversation that I never knew. You had so many rich experiences and were supremely talented, but you were never big-headed, preferring instead to listen to others and ask deep questions about their lives.  

As guys often do, we never got too deep, but when we did, you'd always give me some pretty spot-on advice. I already miss our chats. I will miss the silly WhatsApp messages and pics. Thanks for putting up with me over the past few years.

I hope that our conversations keep coming back to me. They will make me smile and remember a pretty cool time in my life, where I got to spend a lot of time with one of the coolest guys I ever knew.

Miss you mate.
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Remembering Murray