Murray Polglase

Remembering Murray

Murray Polglase
Memorial at ISPP (23 January 2021)
Murray Polglase

This is a place to remember and celebrate the life and achievements of our principal, friend and colleague, Mr Murray Polglase. Please share your stories, memories and thoughts, so we can all see what a positive impact he had on all those around him.

If you would like to share photographs to add to our gallery, then please submit them using the Get in touch link and we will add them to the gallery. If you would like to read the speech made at Murray’s funeral ceremony, it is linked here

In the future, we will make these messages and stories into a book for Murray’s family, and we know they will cherish the stories, experiences and connections of others with their husband and father.

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Lou wrote on February 17, 2021 at 9:45 pm
I have started my message to you so many times and I do not know where to begin. Every time I start, I cry, every time I read any of the messages, I cry, every time I talk about you, I cry and every time my boys and I talk about you, I cry.

Where do I start? I was lucky enough to start my teaching post here in Cambodia with you and Sam. And what a difference you and her made to my life and the life of my boys.

From many many drinking nights, afternoons and evenings at your home, to spending time with Soph, to swimming in your pool, to ‘encouraging’ my boys to play on your Playstation, to meals out, to time spent with Sam, to chatting with you in school, you were a huge part of our lives.
That one time, Sam promised me that if anything should happen to me here in Cambodia, you and her would take care of my boys, changed my whole life. I loved you both even more than I already did.

To watch you get ill, get better, get ill, still fighting and then to sit with you at your bedside for the last week of your life, totally broke my heart. I still cannot quite believe you are no longer here in body but you will be in my heart and the heart of my boys FOREVER.

Thank you for caring, thank you for your calm personality, thank you for your support, encouragement and belief in me as a teacher, thank you for loving my boys, thank you for your crazy wife, just THANK YOU.
I cry as I write this, I miss you as I write this, I wish you were still here.

We will miss you forever, love you forever.
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Remembering Murray